The best way to achieve results is to make healthy and sustainable lifestyle choices, and an excellent way to learn those practices is through personal training. Understanding the form and function of your body will empower you to reach goals you never thought possible. By building a relationship with clients, Jo is successful in helping achieve long-term, life-changing results.

Whether you prefer to exercise in the privacy of your home, at the beach, in the gym or outdoors in a park/beach setting, Jo will create a personalized program to fit your lifestyle and goals. Workouts are either 30 or 60 minutes and are recommended two or threes times per week. Jo believes that consistency is the key to overall health!

Sessions cost between $50-$100 depending on the amount purchased, number of clients and workout duration. Expect to burn fat, increase metabolism, become stronger and build a leaner body. Energy, stamina and endurance will also increase. You will see an improvement of daily life due to higher self-esteem, less stress and better sleep. All essential elements to a balanced lifestyle.

It is never too late to achieve the best body and be in the best health of your life. So why not start today!!